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Diagnostic Battery Charger Ring 12A Smart

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Diagnostic Battery Charger Ring 12A Smart

12A Smart Diagnostic Battery Charger
With battery analyzer functions
12V DC 12A

  • 12A smart charger, ideal for 12V vehicles up to 5L
  • Suitable for lead-acid, gel, AGM and calcium batteries
  • Recommended for START/STOP vehicles
  • 8 stage charging cycle that recharges, protects from overcharging, and repairs damage
  • The battery voltage test displays the battery voltage as a percentage of its capacity
  • Battery cranking test identifies potential starting problems due to battery failure
  • Alternator check tests the recharging performance of the vehicle's alternator
  • Start power test measures voltage drop during engine start to identify potential battery issues

  • Auto charge button applies the fastest charge without having to alter the setting
  • Winter charge mode adapts the charging cycle to suit cold weather
  • LCD screen makes it easy to see charging progress and select test options
  • The memory saver function allows vehicle and audio settings to be retained if the battery is removed