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Dr Artex Lace 15mm (06sh 50×37.5)

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SKU DBL15.2019

Car chassis is like our skeleton. Its wellbeing is essential to overall vehicle safe function. Due to its nature, the chassis transfers a lot of noise and vibration. DrARTEX Advanced product is designed to be flexible and to adhere to any surface. It has the highest vibration dampening properties. In addition, it contains anti-rust additives to ensure that the chassis does not rust.

A sound-absorbing material with latex impregnation, extending its qualities to work over a wide range of frequencies. This material is extremely flexible, which allows it to be used on any complex surface easily while ensuring good adhesion and great results. Can be easily compressed to fit into really tight spaces without negative effects on the results.

The material has very good flexibility what allows to use it on different surfaces while providing high vibration damping properties and heat insulation.

Short-chain formed liquid polymer saturated polyurethane foam.

Use for installation on doors, roof, and interior panels of the car.
The material is installed at a dry clean painted metal surface. The temperature in the workroom must be from 18 to 30°С. Material is released from protective tint and is pressed carefully to the work surface. Care should be taken to avoid air chambers in the material, which admit moisture and reduce insulation properties.
Do not install material on dirty and on the corroded metal surfaces.

● Application areas: Lace – Doors, Roof, Interior panels