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Kenwood KFC-WPS1200F 12inch Shallow Subwoofer

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R 3,149.00
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Key Features

300mm Carbon-Glass Fiber Honeycomb Cone Subwoofer
Super Linear Spider
Smooth Linear Surround
Heat transfer structure
Shallow Mount

Speaker Features

Speaker Type Subwoofer
Peak Input Power 1400W
Rated Input Power 350W
Speaker Size 300mm
Speaker Cone Design Carbon-Glass Fiber Honeycomb Cone
Magnetic Circuit
Magnet Type Ferrit
Terminals Silver-plated Push Type
Heat Transfer Motor Circuit Yes
Magnet Cover Aluminum Die-Cast Basket
Gasket Installation two-sided
Installation Capabillity Sealed/ Ported

Speaker/woofer Specifications

Peak Input Power 1400W
Maximum Input Power 700W
Rated Input Power 350W
Woofer Cone material Carbon-Glass Fiber Honeycomb Cone
Speaker Basket Aluminum Die-Cast
Speaker Surround Rubber
Spider Type Super Linear Spider
Sensitivity 91dB/W/m
Frequency Response 30Hz ~ 800Hz
Speaker Impedance 4Ω
Dimensions (W x H x D) 325 x 325 x 121mm
Mounting Depth 100mm
Mouting Hole Diameter Ø 279mm
Speaker Weight 7000gr
Gross Weight 8000gr
Weight of Magnet 1370gr

Subwoofer Parameters

Nominal impedance (Z) 4Ω
DC resistance (Re) 3.2Ω
Resonant frequency (FSO) 24.8Hz
Mechanical Q factor (QMS) 2.897
Electrical Q factor (QES) 0.67
Total Q factor (QTS) 0.544
Voice coil inductance (LBM) 2.8mH
Voice coil diameter (d) 65mm
Force factor (BL) 12.93T/m
Peak excursion Xmax 8.5mm
Moving mass (MMS) 224gr.
Volume accoustic compliance (VAS) 62.685liter
Piston Area (SD) 0.049m²
Displacement 1740cc
Sealed box volume 22.6liter
Sealed Box Dimensions (trapezium shape) 773 x 362 x 107 x 172mm ( 21mm thick MDF)(WxHxD1xD2)
Vented box volume 22.6liter
Vented Box Dimensions (trapezium shape) 773 x 362 x 107 x 172mm ( 21mm thick MDF)(WxHxD1xD2)
Vented box port diameter/length Ø 76mm / 102mm


Screws (Parker-type) Ø 5 x 30mm, 8 pieces
Badge 2 pieces
Gasket 1 piece(s)
Cushion 1 piece(s)

Kenwood’s flagship subwoofer, the KFC-WPS1200F, delivers unbelievable performance as it boasts a peak power output of 1400W.

Reassuring durability even during long hours of high-output operation can also be enjoyed as the speaker unit is designed to dissipate heat effectively away from the motor system. A die-cast aluminum basket is employed to further reduce heat and improve power-handling characteristics while multiple fins enhance ventilation and rigidity for supporting the large motor. Four vents are positioned around the basket to ensure that the entire subwoofer is always properly cooled.

Compared to existing models, the new flat subwoofers in the 2007 lineup are approximately 40% slimmer in height. This makes them ideal for installation in the tightest of spaces such as behind or under the seats. The subwoofer also uses high quality materials such as a carbon-fiber cone and aluminum-cast basket for long-lasting reliability.