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Kicker 41QSS654 6.5inch Q-Class Component Speakers

Original price R 8,649.00 - Original price R 8,649.00
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R 8,649.00
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SKU 41QSS654

Product highlights:

  • the component speaker system includes 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossovers
  • 6-1/2″ Tri-Tech woofer cone
  • 1-3/16″ Teteron® Teteron dome tweeter
  • can be installed as coaxials or as separates
  • external crossover network with bi-amping capability and three-level tweeter attenuation
  • handles up to 90 watts RMS (180 watts peak power)
  • frequency range: 50-22,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 86 dB
  • woofer bottom-mount depth: 2-1/2″
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • grilles included

KICKER New QS-Series Components 6.5-inch

The stunning midrange drivers, tonally precise tweeters, and a superior crossover network come together to form an audiophile-quality component set perfect for demanding listeners.

The component system is available in two system packs and includes large 30mm tweeters considered among the industry’s finest.

QS Midrange woofers emphasize cutting edge three-layer Tri-Tech™ cones, consisting of woven carbon-poly facing, an ultra-rigid foam core, and a second carbon-poly backing.

High-performance tweeters employ DuPont® Tetoron® domes with dual neodymium magnets and large back enclosures to re-create a wide range of high frequencies.

Tweeters feature multiple mounting options, including flush, angled, ring or coaxial.

Crossovers are bi-amplification capable with Mylar® capacitors and high-powered resistors for producing the ultimate sound in a mobile system.

Premium Kicker components

Kicker has created something special for those in search of a premium sound solution — their QS Series car speakers. Just a glance at this Kicker 44QSS654 6-1/2″ component speaker system is enough to excite longtime Kicker fans, but of course, it’s the sound that matters most. A signature Tri-Tech woofer cone steps up strength and clarity in the midrange and lower frequencies, while a Teteron® dome tweeter delivers all the detail of the high range. With power handling up to 90 watts RMS, Kicker brings “front-row” excitement to your daily commute.

Kicker Q-Class logo

Versatility is key

You can install these QS Series speakers in the way that works best for your vehicle, either as coaxials or as separate components. As coaxials, the tweeter mounts in the center of the woofer. As components, an aluminum phase plug mounts in the center of the woofer for improved dispersion, and the tweeter can be installed separately with Kicker’s included flush- and angle-mounting solutions. Kicker continues the theme of versatility by allowing three-level tweeter attenuation as well as bi-amping via the audiophile-grade external crossovers.

Q Class

Kicker Q-Class speakers incorporate cutting-edge technologies and superb construction to deliver an extraordinary musical experience in your vehicle. These products are only sold by select dealers chosen by Kicker.