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Tyre Inflator Ring Handheld

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Tyre Inflator Ring Handheld

Get some air with the Ring RTC2000 Handheld Rechargeable Tyre Inflator.  With a robust design and small size, you can take it anywhere with you in case of an emergency.

The RTC2000 is ideal for cars, motorbikes, bikes, scooters, and other inflatables and can top up a car tyre in under 3 mins and a bike tyre from a flat in under 2 mins. A digital autostop feature automatically stops the inflation process once the desired pressure is reached meaning you don’t need to worry about overinflation.

An LED light is perfect for emergencies as well as a power bank function.

Includes 2 pieced adaptor kits for other inflatables as well as a storage case.

Product Description: Cordless Handheld Rechargeable Tyre Inflator, programmable settings, digital autostop, LED light, and power bank function

Versatile - Ideal for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles
Inflates bicycle tyre in <2 minutes
4 programmable pressure settings with digital autostop for ease of use
Rechargeable with power bank function
Built-in white LED light
Compact for easy storage and transportation
Easy to read digital display
Complete with 2 piece adaptor kit for bikes, air beds, and other inflatables